What is Diabetes Digital Coach?

It is a project to evaluate an online service for people who have type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It is designed to help people to better self manage their condition using a selection of carefully chosen digital tools. For more information, click here

Do I have to pay to use Diabetes Digital Coach?

As this is a test project, Diabetes Digital Coach is currently available to people with diabetes for free.

What happens at the end of the project?

This is a test project, which ends on 31st July 2018 and access to the Diabetes Digital Coach website and associated diabetes self-management tools cannot be guaranteed after this date.

I have a question that isn't covered here. Who can I get in touch with?

If you can't find an answer to your question about the Diabetes Digital Coach, please either email us at, or call 0117 900 2477. We aim to respond to all queries within 48 hours.

What is a test bed?

Diabetes Digital Coach is one of seven test beds announced by NHS England in January 2016. Each of these test beds is pioneering and evaluating the use of novel combinations of interconnected devices such as wearable monitors, data analysis and ways of working to address a locally-identified clinical challenge and help people stay well and monitor their conditions themselves at home.

A joint programme between NHS England, the Office for Life Science, the Department of Health and the Department for culture, Media and Sport, NHS Test Beds bring together local health and social care bodies including CCGs, hospital trusts, primary and community care providers with a wide range of innovators from home and abroad.

The test beds will be rigorously evaluated, with the aim to provide evidence that will give more areas the confidence to adopt the innovations over the coming years. Find out about all seven Test Beds.


Does Diabetes Digital Coach work with all smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers?

Diabetes Digital Coach has been designed to work with modern web browsers, so should be compatible with most computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. There may be some issues with some older browsers, for example using Internet Explorer 6 or Windows XP.

Can I use Diabetes Digital Coach if I only have a smart phone and no other computer or tablet?

Yes but this will have limitations as some data entry and tagging can only be done on the individual websites and not by using the app on your phone.

Can I use Diabetes Digital Coach if I don't have a smart phone?

Yes but access to some of the tools may be limited.


Your personal information

Why do I need to provide my weight and height as part of the sign-up process?

By providing your height and weight we can calculate BMI (body mass index). This is a measure used to work out if your weight is healthy. Your BMI is required by the various digital tools, and it will also be used as part of our evaluation of the Diabetes Digital Coach to see if it helps improve users' overall health.

Why do I need to provide so much personal information as part of the sign-up process?

There are two reasons for this. Some of the information you provide helps the Diabetes Digital Coach understand what type of diabetes you have, and how you currently manage your condition and overall health, so that it can suggest the right digital tools for you. And as this is a test project, we also need this information about you so that we can track whether the Coach is making a positive difference to you and your health.

How do I find out if I have type 1 or type 2 diabetes?

Please talk to your usual healthcare team. You'll also find useful information about this on the Diabetes UK website.

I use insulin. Does this mean I have type 1 diabetes?

Not necessarily. Everyone with type 1 diabetes and some people with type 2 diabetes need to take insulin – either by injection or a pump – to control their blood glucose levels (also called blood sugar levels). If you are unsure, please ask your usual healthcare team. You'll also find useful information about this on the Diabetes UK website

Working with your healthcare team

Do I need to check with my usual health care team before I start using the Coach or the suggested tools?

Diabetes Digital Coach encourages self-management and it is up to you how you use it. If however you have any concerns about using the suggested tools, then please do check with your usual healthcare team before you start.

Does using the Diabetes Digital Coach mean that I will see my usual healthcare team less often?

Diabetes Digital Coach provides additional support and is intended to enhance the care provided by your usual health care team rather than replace it. Improved control of your diabetes may lead to less frequent check ups but you should still visit your usual healthcare team at least twice a year and at intervals advised by them. 

How do I share my information with my healthcare team and others?

If you choose to, you can share your information with family, peers or healthcare professionals, either on screen or in a document that you can print out or send by email.  

Tools & Devices

What digital tools are provided through Diabetes Digital Coach?

Five digital tools are available through the Diabetes Digital Coach. For more information on each of these click here.

How do I know the digital tools are reliable and have credibility?

Each of the five tools featured on the Diabetes Digital Coach has been carefully selected by healthcare professionals and people with diabetes. 

The tool I wanted to use isn't available through Diabetes Digital Coach. Why?

The tools available through the Diabetes Digital Coach are suggested to you based on the information you provide. Not all tools are appropriate for everyone.

Currently there is also limited availability for certain tools: Oviva and KiActiv® Health. Once all places on these 2 coaching tools have been filled then we will be managing waiting lists on a first come first served basis. We will contact you as soon as we are able to offer you a place. It is possible that you may not be able to access these tools during the lifetime of this project.

Will there be more tools available through the Diabetes Digital Coach?

This is a test project to see what demand there is for digital self-management, and whether it helps people with their diabetes and overall health. If our evaluation shows the Coach has made a positive difference, it is possible that new tools may be added at a later date.

How do I use the tools?

Each of the tools will provide directions for use once you access them through the Coach. There is also a user guide for Lincus which you can view here;

What devices can I link up to the tools provided through Diabetes Digital Coach?

A number of different devices are able to be linked to the tools provided through the Diabetes Digital Coach which are described below.

KiActiv® movement trackers will be supplied to users of KiActiv®

Fitbit Scales will be able to be linked to the Lincus tool

A number of glucose meters are able to be linked up to SocialDiabetes. These glucose meters are: Freestyle Libre; GlucoCard SM (Menarini Diagnostics); GlocMen AREO 2K (Menarini Diagnostics); Contour Next One (Ascensia Diabetes Care); CareSens Dual (Spirit Healthcare).

How do I link my devices to KiActiv®?

The device will link with your smartphone through the KiActiv® App. Simple instructions will be provided when signing up.

How do I link my devices to Lincus?

1. Travel to the Lincus home page
2. Click on "Devices" and then "Add device"
3. Click on "Connect", next to the Fitbit logo. This will take you to the Fitbit website where you will need to log into your Fitbit account
4. Select the measurements you wish to sync, and make sure you select weight to sync your Fitbit Scales
5. Click save

How do I link my devices to SocialDiabetes?

1. First ensure that Bluetooth connectivity is activated on your mobile device. You may need to refer to your device manufacturer's guidance to do this;
2. Then simply open the SocialDiabetes app and navigate to the options menu;
3. Here you can select "Connect your device" and then select your glucose meter from the list;
4. Tap the "Link" button to allow your mobile device to search for potential Bluetooth connections;
5. For some glucose meters you may also need to push a button to transmit a connection signal and establish the link, otherwise the link will be established automatically;
6. Once linked, you will be able to automatically transmit your blood glucose readings directly to the app when submitting a new test.
Note: It is only possible to link your glucose meter using the app on your mobile devices. It is not possible to link your device via the web portal.

Can I connect any other devices?

Some of the tools allow connection of other activity monitors but these devices are not recommended for use by the Diabetes Digital Coach. Information collected from these devices will not be used in the evaluation.

If your glucose meter is not displayed in the devices list,  this probably means that it is not currently integrated wirelessly with the SocialDiabetes system. Currently only the glucose monitors mentioned by SocialDiabetes can be linked through the SocialDiabetes tool. Please feel free to contact SocialDiabetes if you cannot find your device. SocialDiabetes would like the system to be as accessible as possible and will try to enable connectivity with your brand/model wherever possible. Glucose levels can be entered manually in SocialDiabetes and also in Lincus. 


Is it a secure website? Will personal information I provide be protected?

Yes. It is a secure website and personal data collected about you will be protected in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation. For more information, read our privacy policy.

How can I withdraw from the project/delete my account?

You can withdraw from the project /delete your account at any time. Simply click on Profile (top right of your personal home page) and select 'Delete Account'.


How are you evaluating the Diabetes Digital Coach?

RSM PACEC have been appointed as an independent evaluator for the Diabetes Digital Coach. Their work involves an assessment of the outcomes for service users; the cost benefits for the health service; cost effectiveness and value for money; and if the project has helped develop the use of digital technology. This will involve both desk research (i.e. a review of data on the number of people using the platform) as well as consultation with key stakeholders (e.g. project funders and staff) and service users. Information on how feedback from service users will be obtained is outlined above. 

How can I provide feedback on the Diabetes Digital Coach?

As this is a test project, it is really important for us to find out what people with diabetes think about the Coach and whether it helps you to self-manage your condition. There will be regular opportunities for you to provide feedback when you sign up as a user. These include  answering short feedback questions at baseline, 3, 6 and 12 weeks via the online platform and by taking part in an interview with RSM PACEC (a request for consent to participate in this will be requested). You can also email us direct with your comments at

How often need I complete any surveys?

R-Outcomes short PROMS surveys are very quick and easy to complete. They let you and us track changes in how you feel while using the Diabetes Digital Coach.  We will ask you to complete these at the start, after 3 weeks, 6 weeks and after 3 months. This is an important part of finding out how much Diabetes Digital Coach helps people with diabetes.


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