Our Test Bed Partners

The West of England AHSN is leading the way in NHS innovation as part of his pioneering test bed with partners including the regional healthcare community - Corsham Institute, Diabetes UK, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Rescon, Oviva, Mapmyhealth, Ki Performance, LeLan and SocialDiabetes, R-Outcomes, and HEOR.

There are 10 organisations in the Diabetes Digital Coach consortium, working alongside the West of England AHSN as lead organisation:


The wider partnership


National charity, Diabetes UK acts as an advisor to the project and will play an important role in successful engagement with people with diabetes.

The wider partnership also includes the regional health service community in the West of England, including seven Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), six acute trusts, six community health service providers, and two mental health trusts.